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A special thanks to First United Church of Oak Park

A special thanks to First United Church of Oak Park

In October of 1992, First United Church of Oak Park was one of seven congregations that opened their doors as a PADS Shelter site in response to the growing need for temporary shelter for those in our community. That year we provided food and shelter to 244 homeless individuals from the community. In 2016, we helped 472 people with 13,565 nights of shelter.

Since 2005, First United has also provided the office space for the Prevail Program services as the community’s compassionate advocate for those neighbors facing financial crisis and seeking a path to stability.

As we move to a new office space to better serve those in our community and lead efforts for families facing homelessness in our region, we are grateful for the support and partnership of 25 years with First United Church of Oak Park.

We are thankful for First United Church’s continued support of our mission through continuing to host the PADS Shelter site on Monday nights and through their volunteer members on the 3rd and 5th Monday’s during the regular shelter season. We are truly blessed to have the support of First United Church, its staff and leadership and members in our mission.

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