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Housing Forward is committed to providing programs which meet the evolving needs of the individuals and families we assist through an effective, personalized approach. When we ensure everyone in our community has a place to call home, we also ensure that our communities will continue to thrive.

In 2020...

  • We served 1,833 individuals and families; 1,575 adults and 258 children​
    Of those we served, 588 had a disability, 165 were domestic violence survivors, 144 were chronically homeless, and 54 were veterans
  • Our prevention services assisted 852 people from losing their home
  • Our shelter services assisted 427 people who received 35,432 shelter nights and 81,549 meals
  • Our housing services helped 447 persons to obtain or maintain stable housing ​
  • We launched two new population-specific housing programs, for Veterans and Transition-Aged Youth
  • We inaugurated a new 65-bed Interim Housing Program within the Interim Housing Program is Medical Respite Center, expanding our medical respite services with 18 beds
2020 Impact Report2020 Impact Report

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