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Housing Forward Statement of Solidarity


As our nation continues to be impacted by the horrific death of George Floyd, and countless other Black and Brown lives lost caused by acts of violence, brutality and racism, Housing Forward stands in solidarity with those calling for justice and reform. 

Housing Forward acknowledges structural and systemic racism is explicitly designed to oppress and harm.  It is wide and deep, permeating all layers of society.  In our mission to address homelessness and housing instability, we see the resulting inequities play out time and again, particularly in our nation’s housing, healthcare, and justice systems.    


We must start with ourselves. We must use our individual and collective voice to denounce racism and ethnic inequities. When we see it, we must call it out.   

We demand that our community and country do better, be better. We cannot hope for a just society until all those in positions of power and privilege acknowledge the presence of social and economic inequities and work to dismantle policies that allow discriminatory and racist practices to persist. 

We stand with those who are taking to the streets in peaceful protest to call for justice in hopes that today’s unrest begins a process to heal the soul and consciousness of our nation.

In solidarity,
Housing Forward


We encourage you to read the National Alliance to End Homelessness’s statement on structural racism and racial inequity and its impact on homelessness.

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