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Give the Gift of HOME this Holiday Season

Give the Gift of HOME this Holiday Season

What does HOME feel like?

After living in "doubled-up" situations and shelters, Davitta's family moved into their new home today.

Davitta's son is excited to show off his room and happy to talk about the superhero posters he plans to hang up. He's proud to show off the fact that his older sisters have a room too.  


How does it feel here? "I like it. It feels good."
By supporting our work with a financial donation at year's end, you can help ensure that the safety net remains intact for the most vulnerable members of our community.

In fact, Housing Forward programs help almost 2,000 individuals and families with minor children each year, to avoid or overcome the devastating trauma of homelessness.  

Please click here to give the feeling of HOME.

Housing Forward’s mission is to transition people from housing crisis to housing stability. Our vision is to end homelessness. Learn more at

Thank you for supporting our work this year.

Opportunity for Year-End Tax Deduction: Donate appreciated assets (stocks, mutual funds, ETFs) and get a tax deduction for your gift. For your convenience, Housing Forward has a brokerage account to accept Depository Trust Company transfers of securities. Contact Gregory Bork at LPL Financial (312.967.4000 or Account #1897-8327. DTC#0075. Housing Forward is an Illinois non-profit organization qualified under 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. FEIN #36-387660. Thank you.


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