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Finding True North on Our Marketing Compass

Compass Strategic Marketing Plan

As announced last fall, Compass selected Housing Forward to be among its 2021-22 Classic Project nonprofit clients. Compass offers a full range of pro bono consulting services for nonprofits at any stage of development – from foundational to growth and high impact. Their goal is to inspire business professionals to engage with their local nonprofits through team consulting projects that transform communities. The specific focus of our project is to create a multi-year strategic marketing plan that lays the foundation for our marketing and communications strategies. This proactive planning will help us take advantage of the many opportunities that we have as a growing and evolving organization focused on ending homelessness.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the Compass team driving this effort:  

  • Project Leader - Peter Safarik, Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Deputy Project Leader - Peter Hook, Senior Marketing Analyst, Kraft/Heinz
  • Rick Emig, Associate Consultant, ZS
  • Brian Hayes, Partner, Holland & Knight
  • Sarah Higbee, Group Strategy Director, Media Monks
  • Bill Houston, Start-Up Investor
  • Wendy Kritt, CEO & Founder, Prism Strategic Partners
  • Augustin Ruta, Revenue, Investments & Analytics, Google
  • Kari Scharnberg, Strategy Insights & Planning Consultant, ZS
  • June Zheng, Kellogg MBA Candidate

Over the course of our 10 month engagement, this talented, multidisciplinary group is working to build marketing strategy and operating goals that will expand our marketing efforts. We are eager to see the final plan, which will be presented to our Board of Directors in June. 

For Media Inquiries Contact

Libby Foster
708.338.1724 ext 211