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An Appeal from Dr. Bill Clark

Bill Clark


My name is Bill Clark and, like you, I am a friend of PADS. And, like many of you, I have been friends with PADS long enough to see it grow from a community of dedicated volunteers providing food and shelter for the homeless to an organization striving to end homelessness altogether. 

As a volunteer, board member, and now as an advisory committee member, I have tried to be a good friend. PADS has certainly been a good friend to me. Over the years, I have been involved with many organizations and, as a psychiatrist, have learned through my patients about many others. In a world where self-serving agendas and inefficiency all too often color organizations, PADS serves with integrity, compassion, and relentless determination in carrying out its mission.

A good friendship depends on trust. Having seen PADS’ inner workings and coming to know its staff, I trust that what I give in this friendship goes toward serving the homeless and those at risk in a mindful, professional manner. As PADS gives more and more to our community we, according to our ability, also need to give more. That’s how a good friendship works.

In my capacity as a physician, I have been asked to evaluate several PADS’ clients, documenting their need for supportive services such as permanent supportive housing. Despite having crippling physical and mental disabilities, the clients I spoke with did not solicit me for assistance; rather, they shared stories about jobs held in the past and their hope to work and live independently in the future. I was touched to hear them ask for little when it was clear to me they needed so much.

As cold weather approaches, with or without another “polar vortex,” I invite you to join in strengthening the good work being done by PADS, by all of us who are helping “to transition people from housing crisis to housing stability.”

Happy holidays!

Bill Clark

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