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An update on our 24/7 PADS Shelter

On March 17, Housing Forward centralized our PADS Emergency Shelter and Support Center operations at Oak Park Temple.

We fully employed the CDC’s Interim Guidance for Homeless Service Providers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019. We have now reached our capacity of 70 clients.

With generous support from the congregation, we have been invited to expand into additional parts of the building.This allows us to even more fully accommodate for CDC social distancingguidelines.

We are actively strategizing next steps as we recognize that as the COVID-19 situation continues, we will need a more long-term solution.

Oak Park officials assure us that all those working on our behalf are exempt from Shelter in Place travel restrictions in place through April 3. The Illinos order most likely contains similiar exemptions.

We are extremely grateful to Oak Park Temple, shelter volunteers, meal providers, and our staff who continue to help our clients.

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Libby Foster
708.338.1724 ext 211