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My Experience as a Social Work Intern

Stuyvesant Peabody IV

"As a social work intern at West Suburban PADS, I have had many wonderful experiences talking with clients. A major part of my experience at West Suburban PADS involves me interacting with the clients on a variety of different levels and talking to them about things that interest them. I also do intakes on the clients, which helps PADS get the information needed to put them into the appropriate program. I have seen many awesome things that have inspired me and have saddened me, but the main thing that PADS has shown me is the resilience of the human spirit and how the clients can forge a new life.

One of the best parts about being a West Suburban PADS Shelter Intern is that my job is not a lot of paperwork, but instead involves massive interaction with my clients that allows me to see the changes they’re making firsthand. One of the best times to have conversations with clients is during the smoke break, because this is where the client is the most relaxed and feels the most human. Another moment I enjoy is when the clients are on their pads reading a book, because they often want to talk about their life experiences with someone who is invested in learning their story. All in all my time at PADS has been an ongoing learning experience that shows me poverty and homelessness are much different than what the common person watching TV everyday knows about."

-Stuyvesant Peabody IV

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