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Housing Forward - Prevail Merge FAQs

Housing Forward - Prevail Merge FAQs

Q1.      Why are the two organizations merging?

Housing Forward and Prevail share complementary missions and a history of collaborating to serve neighbors facing financial and housing crises. By combining our emergency financial assistance and job readiness programs, we’ll better achieve the goal of improving the lives of our neighbors and the vitality of our community.

Q2. How will the combined organization’s programming be structured?

While maintaining its name, Prevail will become a program of Housing Forward, overseeing the organizations’ Emergency Assistance, Homelessness Prevention, and Job/Employment Readiness programs.

Q3.      Are these emergency assistance and job readiness programs duplicative?

No, our programs approach the problem with different yet equally effective solutions. Together, they will be even more comprehensive.

Q4.      How will clients benefit from the merger?

The merged organization will serve more people in need with a broader continuum of personalized, compassionate support to strengthen their efforts toward financial self-sufficiency and housing stability.

Q5.      How will the community benefit from the merger?

When citizens are employed and in stable housing, they contributed to the creation of a more vibrant community.

Q6.      What prompted this merger?

Together, we will be even stronger and more effective in helping neighbors in need. Both organizations benefit from strong support bases and the generous contributions of many community members.

Q7.      Will there be any staff reductions with the merger?

Yes. One part-time position on the Prevail staff is being reduced with the combining of staffs.

Q8.      How do you expect the merger to impact fundraising efforts?

While the two organizations share some donors, we have already met with many who have expressed positive support of the merger. We actually expect donations to increase as members of the community realize our ability to more effectively and fully meet the needs of neighbors facing financial and housing crises.

Q9.      How are the two organizations similar?

The two non-profit organizations share complementary missions and a history of collaborating to serve some of the same clients.  Prevail delivers compassionate listening and resources to help neighbors regain self-sufficiency and housing stability. Housing Forward shares that goal and provides support services for those who face a housing crisis.

Q10.    What are the fiscal advantages of this merger?

Prevail and Housing Forward anticipate reductions in public funding. By joining efforts, we expect to mitigate the impact of these cutbacks by creating a more streamlined use of resources and enhanced opportunities for private support.

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