Housing Forward needs towels for our Support Center

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

There are hundreds of people that access Housing Forward’s year-round, five-day-a-week, Support Center to attend to their immediate needs and health issues, access case management and begin to address their long-term needs of housing and sustainable income. Our Support Center is an important initial stop on a client’s journey towards stability.

With our regular PADS Shelter season only 3 months away, and because more than 20-30 clients per day visit our Support Center for basic personal care services such as showers, there is a great need for towels and washcloths. Used, clean towels will be accepted in addition to new items and towels of all sizes are welcome (hand towels, wash cloths, bath towels). Bath towels are especially appreciated. If you would like to donate towels, please drop them off at our Support Center in Maywood or click to email our Support Center Manager, Janet Hotch.

In 2016, 406 unique clients made 5,070 visits to the Support Center. All of those individuals received basic needs services; 294 were engaged in case management; 66 were assisted in obtaining income and benefits; 20 of those obtained housing. 138 of those clients made use of the medical clinic to address immediate and/or underlying health concerns.