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Paul Goyette


When Luis lost his construction job during the pandemic, he immediately worried about also losing his Elmwood Park apartment. His unemployment benefits and stimulus check were running out, and he was falling behind on rent and utilities; he didn’t know what to do.

Luis was so desperate that he told a friend about his situation. The friend suggested he contact Housing Forward. Luis was skeptical at first—thinking he wasn’t eligible. Fortunately, his friend encouraged him to call anyway. 

Luis was connected to a Homeless Prevention Case Manager and began sharing his situation over the phone. They immediately started working on a plan to turn his situation around and keep him in his home. Luis received assistance to help cover his expenses for several months. “My landlord didn’t believe me at first, but Housing Forward was really professional to work with. Now he is happy.” 

Luis signed up with a temporary work agency while he searched for a job. After a few months on a temp assignment, he was offered a full-time job as a crane operator.  “It worked out beautifully,” he said, “but without Housing Forward’s help I probably would have ended up homeless.”  

Because he is so grateful, Luis wants to share his experience with others who might be having a hard time. He knows firsthand that asking for help and doing what needs to be done can be hard, but he also knows people care and want to help. “I am so thankful for that.”

It worked out beautifully, but without Housing Forward’s help I probably would have ended up homeless.