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Father and Daughter


Theodore and his daughter came to the PADS Shelter in the summer of 2015 after a serious medical condition caused him to lose his job and they became homeless. After exhausting all favors from his family and friends that were able to take him in for the night, Theodore slept in parks, a friend’s storage shed and once in a graveyard. During the day, Theodore walked from place to place looking for work to provide for and support himself and his daughter. 
Theodore learned about Housing Forward from a community resource and received integrated case management, financial planning and housing opportunities while in the shelter. He worked with a Housing Forward Case Manager who helped him get important information to his doctor and access medical benefits. And ultimately, helped Theodore and his daughter get housing.
Theodore is currently studying sustainable agriculture at Triton College where he also works. He and his daughter are grateful for the support of our donors that enabled him to access the programs and resources that he needed to get back on his feet and raise his daughter.

I am so grateful to those who help people like me behind the scenes including the donors. I hope they realize the value of their support in the lives of those they touch.