Ending homelessness means addressing it at all levels - we strive to prevent homelessness whenever possible, we respond to the crisis, and work to stabilize those facing homelessness with housing.  In 2019 the lives of 2,018 clients were positively impacted through our services.


Keeping people in their home is the best approach to the prevention of homelessness. We help mitigate the loss of housing to avoid the trauma of eviction and homelessness.
802 total households received financial assistance to end a financial or housing crisis.
59 households received $102,270 in homeless prevention funding to circumvent the loss of their home, or to pay for a security deposit and/or first month's rent for a new home.
279 households were provided with $10,561 emergency assistance for utilities, obtainment of state identification, transportation to jobs or medical appointments and miscellaneous expenses.
484 individuals received non-financial Short-term Stabilization services.
72 individuals were provided with case management and/or a referral to the appropriate resource to end their crisis.


We identify and quickly connect people experiencing homelessness with basic needs—like safety, food and shelter—then link them to services to begin resolving their crisis immediately.

Outreach & Engagement

253 individuals living on the streets received services from our outreach team and received 1,456 service interactions, including case management to end their homelessness, linkage in medical, mental health and addiction treatment services, obtaining income, and obtaining housing.

Supportive Services

485 individuals made 6,022 visits to our Support Center to address a variety of basic needs. 319 participated in case management and 63 obtained housing.

PADS Emergency Shelter Services

596 individuals and families received 15,400 nights of shelter and 40,887 meals at our rotating emergency shelter sites and our summer transitional shelter.

Nearly 1,000 volunteers, over 40 congregations and many community groups provided 18,987 donated hours of time valued at $209,325 and $112,191 in meals and in-kind support
Our clinic partners donated more than 300 hours for the Medical Clinic and Legal Clinics.

Employment Readiness

69 individuals participated in employment readiness services and participated in 296 employment counseling sessions to address their barriers to employment. All but one (68) of these individuals were of extremely low, low, or moderate-income.


We end homelessness one person at a time through housing. Safe, stable housing is the foundation on which clients become self-sufficient and rebuild their confidence so they can not only live, but thrive in their community.
  • Across our housing programs, 408 individuals in 322 households were provided with 95,814 nights of housing
  • 189 individuals in 137 households received 60,786 nights of housing through Permanent Supportive Housing Services
  • 101 individuals in 80 households received 33,997 nights of housing delivered by our Permanent Supportive Housing partner agencies
  •  59 individuals in 32 households were provided with 13,846 nights of housing through Rapid Re-Housing Services.
23 individuals in 14 households were provided 5,502 nights of housing through our Illinois Housing Development Authority program.
41 individuals in 20 households were provided 13,703 nights of housing by our Illinois Housing Development Authority partner agencies.