PADS Shelter

  • In 2016, we provided a total of 472 clients with 13,565 nights of shelter services and 36,960 meals (Emergency Shelter and summer Transitional Shelter combined). 
  • 397 adults and children received 12,174 nights of emergency shelter (mid-September to mid-May) and 36,522 meals in 2016.
  • 67 individuals in the summer Transitional Shelter (June to mid-September) received 1,117 nights of shelter and 3,351 meals. They participated in weekly life skills groups and case management.
  • 1,200 volunteers, congregations and community groups provided 23,882 hours of donated time (valued at $373,834)  and $279,202 of in-kind support.

Outreach & Engagement 

  • 394 individuals living on the street were provided with basic needs (food, clothing, etc.). Of these, 226 were provided with case management to end their homelessness. 27 were linked in medical, mental health and addiction treatment services. 123 were assisted in the obtainment of income, and 15 were housed.
  • 472 individuals in the PADS Shelter were provided with case management to end their housing crisis. 

Supportive Services

  • 406 individuals made 5,070 visits to the Support Center to receive assistance.
  • 294 of them participated in case management in the Support Center.
  • 138 engaged in medical and behavioral health services.
  • Supportive Services staff helped 66 individuals obtain income through benefits, and 20 individuals obtain housing. 

Supportive Housing

Across all of our housing programs, 279 individuals in 233 households were provided with 74,888 nights of housing, the equivalent of more than 212 years.

  • Permanent Supportive Housing
    • 133 individuals in 112 households received 41,082 nights of housing.
    • 81 individuals in 74 households received 24,479 nights of housing delivered by partner agencies (Housing Forward is the managing agency.)
  • VA Housing
    • 20 veterans were provided with 4,843 nights of housing
  • Rapid Re-Housing
    • 45 individuals in 27 households were provided with 4,484 nights of housing.

Employment Readiness

  • 178 individuals participated in one-on-one or group-based (Career Passport) case management to address their barriers to employment.
  • 120 of these individuals were of extremely low, low, or moderate-income.
  • 52 individuals were employed after receiving services through the program.

Prevail Emergency Assistance

  • In total, 854 households received financial assistance to end a financial or housing crisis.
  • Of these, 92 received $67,713 in homeless prevention funding to prevent the loss of their home, or to pay for a security deposit and/or first month's rent for a new home.
  • 527 households were provided with $16,693 of non-rent emergency assistance ($8,616 for utilities, $4,945 for the obtainment of state identification, $1,882 for transportation to jobs or medical appointments, and $1,250 for miscellaneous expenses).
  • 197 individuals received Short-term Stabilization services.
  • 284 individuals were provided with case management and/or a referral to the appropriate resource to end their crisis.