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Mother with children


This past September, Doris made a call to our Prevail Emergency Assistance program. She had received an eviction notice over the summer and was battling in the court system to find some way to retain her housing. When she arrived at her appointment to meet with an Emergency Assistance Case Manager, it was clear that Doris was struggling not just financially, but also with illness and physical disabilities as she had recently been in an accident in which part of her arm was amputated. Her longtime partner and father of her two sons had lost his job at the beginning of the summer but had just picked up new employment. With the eviction originally set to proceed on a Friday, the court granted a last minute continuation, but only for the weekend. If Doris could not find the resources for back rent, attorney’s fees, and the upcoming rent by Monday afternoon, the sheriff would be arriving at their home to proceed with the eviction. 

Doris’s Case Manager, Tiffani, sprang into action working to fast track Doris’s case, and process her application for the assistance she needed to maintain her lease and return to good standing with her landlord. Tiffani moved quickly to gather the necessary documents to get a check written for the upcoming rent before the next day.  In addition, Doris’s partner was able to secure money for the attorney’s fees and back rent by taking out a title loan on their car. Doris was able to return to court by the end of the 48 hour period with rent money in hand. One month later, Doris and her family are still in their apartment, having avoided what would have been a traumatic eviction experience. Tiffani reflects: “It all worked out well and the family is very grateful to Housing Forward. They have thanked me several times and have expressed interest in coming to volunteer with us in the future to show their appreciation.”

I don’t know what we would have done without the help from Housing Forward and their dedicated staff. Thanks to them, we are now stable and able to continue living in our apartment.