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Craig left his hometown in southern Illinois to move to Chicago. Building a new life in the city proved to be difficult. He could not find a job; he felt isolated and had growing anxiety resulting in housing instability and his eventual housing loss. For many, a behavioral health crisis or any long-term disabling condition can lead to homelessness; and homelessness itself can exacerbate chronic mental health conditions. On a given night in 2022, 21% of those who are homeless self-report having a mental health diagnosis.*

Homelessness is rarely just about housing. Ending homelessness means Craig needs housing and the necessary support so he becomes stable. Because these overarching issues can threaten housing stability and independence, Housing Forward created the Wraparound Services Program.

This program is based on an interdisciplinary team of “specialists” that provides personalized support and resources to address the challenges that can threaten, or interfere, with achieving housing stability. The Wraparound Services Team works alongside our case managers with a focus on health, behavioral health, occupational therapy, employment and applying for public benefits, specialized services for families with minor children and aftercare supports. Wraparound Services also includes our partnership with the Greater Chicago Legal Clinic and Loyola Medicine; both run onsite legal and medical clinics for individuals and families who are working to end their homelessness.

Each member of the Wraparound Services team offers an area of expertise to address the issues and challenges that, if left unresolved, can threaten long-term stability. With help from our behavioral health specialist, Craig learned coping skills to address his crippling anxiety. The community case managers provided continued support and a regular touchpoint once he was moved into his own apartment, so he could live independently.

Everyday more individuals and families are in need of Wraparound Services. Please consider donating to our September campaign at

*U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

The support I get is astounding. I have hope now that I didn't have before.