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Housing Forward’s programs and services are guided by client-centered, best practice-informed approaches which form a foundation for our work with our clients. The core best practices which are essential to our work are:

Housing First

This practice centers on providing people permanent housing first and then services as needed. We believe that any person experiencing homelessness is ready for housing.

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Trauma Informed Care

This practice focuses on the triggers and vulnerabilities of trauma survivors. It prepares providers to offer more effective care to survivors and avoid repeating the trauma.

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Harm Reduction

This approach reduces the risks and harmful effects of substance use and addictive behaviors. The main focus is placed on reducing harm to the individual while substance use continues.

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Prevention and Diversion

These strategies focus on addressing housing crisis before a person becomes homeless. Prevention assistance provides direct aid to maintain current housing. Diversion explores immediate options while helping people pursue a more permanent solution.

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Motivational Interviewing

This collaborative, person-centered approach strengthens one's motivation to change. Motivational interviewing is rooted in an understanding of how hard it is to change learned behaviors, many of which have been essential to survival on the streets.

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SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access & Recovery (SOAR)

A national program designed to increase access to social security disability benefits for eligible adults who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness and have a mental illness, medical impairment, and/or a co-occurring substance use disorder.

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