Suffering from job loss or loss of income
due to the current global pandemic?

Worried about maintaining stable housing?

Help is available. 

Housing Forward is accepting applications for distribution of CARES Act funding.

Funds have been allocated to help individuals and families who are experiencing challenges with housing expenses—rent, mortgage, utilities—as a result of the crisis. 

If your income is 80% or less of the Area Median Income* you are encouraged to apply for emergency rental, mortgage and utility assistance. Funds will be distributed for as long as they last.

Para obtener información sobre nuestra Asistencia financiera de emergencia en español, haga clic aquí

How you apply depends upon where you live.

  Do you reside in Oak Park or Berwyn?  

Visit the "HUB" at

The Health Connection HUB is dedicated to connecting community members to quality care and services, and helping providers to deliver competent, compassionate, and efficient care. Regardless of where you begin in your search for assistance, The HUB helps you find what you need, and allows providers to deliver services tailored to you and your needs.

  • Click the “Contact” button. 
  • Complete and submit our referral form.

(If you live in OAK PARK, please use The Hub link above. Call ONLY if do not have access to the Internet.)

  Do you reside in a west suburban Cook County community other than Oak Park or Berwyn?  

Call 877.426.6515 

You will be pre-screened over the phone to determine initial eligibility for services

- OR - 

Visit the "HUB" at

  • Click the “Contact” button. 
  • Complete and submit our referral form.

Additional links to resources to assist you during the pandemic can be found by clicking here