Welcome to Housing Forward, Enid Johnson!

Friday, March 29th, 2019

We are thrilled to introduce Enid Johnson, our new Volunteer & Outreach Manager. Upbeat and positive, Enid joined us in early March and has been hard at work at our Maywood headquarters learning how we operate now, and where there may be opportunities for growth and improvement in our future. Enid began her career as an AmeriCorps member with The Heartland Alliance so she has especially valuable insights and a soft spot for those who do national service. She’s been visiting shelter sites and updating our volunteer orientation materials and you'll be learning more about her soon. With questions about becoming a new volunteer please contact Etta Martin at 708.338.1724 ext 236 or etmartin@houisngforward.org. For answers to any other question, contact Enid at 708.338.1724 ext. 220 or ejohnson@housingforward.org. For general inquires email volunteer@housingforward.org.