Employment Readiness prepares clients for a successful, sustained re-entry into the workplace.

  • One-on-one employment counseling performed by skills-based, corporate-level, volunteers assist clients with resume and cover letter development, career counseling, application assistance and interview preparation.
  • Career Passport is our 5-week, curriculm based, group (8-10 clients) program designed to provide soft-skills training for clients who are committed to resolving barriers to employment.  The program provides job placement and employment retention services after successful completion of the training.

More information about our Employment Readiness program can be found here.

The Employment Readiness program provides employment counseling and assistance for individuals searching for sustainable employment. Employment consultants conduct a comprehensive assessment of each client’s job readiness, then develop a customized plan of action for improving overall job readiness skills.

The Employment Readiness program prepares clients for their employment search while offering counseling and support to enable clients to sustain employment. Our Employment Readiness staff and volunteers are knowledgeable and professionally qualified to assist with the following:

  • Develop a first resume, or update/revise a current resume
  • Develop effective cover letters
  • Offer job/career counseling services
  • Provide guidance and advice to prepare clients for a particular employment opportunity or a scheduled interview
  • Provide one-on-one instruction on how to conduct successful internet job searches or improve internet job search and application skills
  • Provide guidance to improve job presentation and interviewing skills ( including the use of “mock interview” methods)
  • Provide referrals to other area agencies and organizations that assist with job searches or educational opportunities (for example: to learn a new trade or learn to use new computer software programs, or for GED and ESL)
  • Provide job leads that Housing Forward receives from organizations with job opportunities and/or make referrals for enhanced job placement services
  • Continue to provide support and encouragement throughout the job search process and after sustainable employment has been achieved.
  • Housing Forward recognizes how complex and competitive the current job market can be. Our ultimate goal is to help clients to “stand out” in the crowd of other job seekers after completing a comprehensive, personalized job readiness program.

In addition, financial literacy counseling is available, which helps individuals acquire useful strategies to manage precious and often limited resources. Our program begins with practical money management, where participants learn budgeting basics and debt control tactics. During one-on-one counseling sessions, each participant works with a trained volunteer to develop a budget, and is encouraged to attend follow-up appointments to adjust and modify budgets as necessary.

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